Intellectual Systems NN LLC (IN optics) is a leading Russian manufacturer of zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe).

The main activity of the company is the production of zinc selenide (ZnSe) by the CVD method and the manufacture of optical elements, incl. those with antireflective coatings. Our production volumes of laser quality material amount to 300 kg+ per month.

The company’s manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to provide batch production of materials and optical elements for use in the IR, visible, and UV ranges. The complete production cycle includes the synthesis, preparation, grinding, polishing and the application of coatings, together with intermediate and final checking; our onsite quality control laboratory makes it possible to produce high-quality products at competitive prices, including products made according to individual customer drawings.

Our company meets the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015

Our products

Our products are the result of extensive scientific work. The company’s highly qualified specialists are able to solve a wide range of issues and ensure the execution of orders for any quantities.

Zinc selenide products manufactured by ourselves meet 3 surface cleanliness classes and required tolerances.

Our capabilities:

  1. ZnSe production using CVD technology
  2. Processing flat, spherical and aspherical surfaces (ZnS, Ge, Si, and other materials on request).
  3. Polishing with a surface finish of 20/10 or as per request.
  4. Coatings (single- and multi-layer):
    • AR coatings;
    • Highly reflective dielectric mirror coatings;
    • Partially reflective dielectric coatings;
    • Neutral beam splitter coatings;
    • Metallic coatings.

Main products:


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