Types of interference Filter

To "control" the output parameters of lasers, specialized interference filters are used. The Laser Components company catalog includes filters of the following types:

Long-wave. Light filters for laser waves of this type are intended for splitting the radiation according to the composition of the spectrum. Above the cutoff point, these filters reflect the short spectral portions and transmit the longer ones.

Short-wave. Here, the cutoff divides the radiation into 2 streams: reflected and transmitted. The cut-off filter transmits only the short spectral part.

Bandpass. These "recognize" different bandwidths related to the visible, near infrared, and ultraviolet ranges. The purpose of such laser filters is to exclude the noise that occurs from other optical frequencies. Bandpass filters can be purchased from the Laser Components company. Bespoke filters can also be made to the customer's requirements. Execution of individual orders is possible

Currently, interference filters have a half-width of up to several angstroms. Filters can be manufactured for various spectral ranges, from the near-UV to far-IR.


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