Flat mirrors and beam splitters

We produce highly reflective and partially reflective (beam splitter) flat mirrors made of quartz, glass, and crystals for various applications. The deposition of metal or mirror dielectric coatings on flat optics for laser installations such as plane-parallel windows, allows for turning such windows into mirrors with flexible modification of their reflection and transmission properties, depending on the customer's requirements.

The choice of the substrate material for manufacturing the mirror should primarily depend on the function of the mirror, as well as on the operating wavelength of the radiation in the system. It can be either optical glass, quartz, or IR crystals: ZnSe or silicon.

Types of product

Flat metal mirrors

If the task is to achieve a sufficiently high coefficient (on average more than 70%) of reflection in the visible to the deep IR range of the spectrum, metal mirrors are suitable. As a rule, we use silicon as the substrate for metal mirrors, and gold or aluminum as the reflective material. Such mirrors operate well in CO2 lasers, where high thermal conductivity of the substrate is an important parameter.

Highly reflective dielectric mirrors

Unlike metal mirrors, dielectric mirrors may be more flexibly "adjusted" to the customer's requirements; they have a higher reflection coefficient, mechanical and chemical resistance, and increased radiation resistance. At the same time, there is the possibility of applying highly reflective broadband coatings. The reflection coefficient of such mirrors at the operating wavelength may exceed 99.5%.

Beam splitters (partially reflective dielectric mirrors)

Here, the dielectric coating allows for division of the light beam into transmitted and reflected beams in the required ratio for a specific wavelength or wavelength range. Thus, it is possible to obtain dichroic mirrors, the so-called "cold" and "hot" mirrors.


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